Exit Strategies and Succession Planning for Legal Professionals

Our Orlando, Florida-based CPA firm is here to help legal professionals with all of their business exit strategies and succession planning needs.

By putting an exit or succession plan in place now, lawyers and attorneys can expect their departure has clarity such as selling it or transitioning it to the ownership of another partner or family member.

Succession Planning and Exit Strategies are designed to meet the goals of our client. We work with each of our customers to learn what their ultimate goal is, whether it’s to sell the assets of the practice at retirement or to make sure that the Legal Practice is kept in the family or gets negotiated in partnership with other colleagues. Our goal is to maximize the value of the business while meeting all of the needs of our end-client. We are happy to help with other financial services such as setting up a trust, minimizing taxes on gifts, establishing a successor, and insurance planning.


Our Succession Planning and Exit Strategy Services include:

Preparing your Practice for Internal Transfer or Sale

Making arrangements for a Successor

Seeking a Qualified Buyer for the Practice

Making plans for Successorship

Determining an Exit Strategy

Creating Buy and Sell Agreements

Reviewing and Finalizing Acquisitions and Mergers


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